Adventures of Babo | Babo Takes a Trip to Oregon

Babo and Tad are ready for the trip to Oregon

Babo at the Unity Store in Unity, Oregon

Babo the Trickster!  | Riding on the Handlebars with No Hands!

Babo Enjoying Riding the Triumph!

Babo at the Strawberry Mountains

Babo Goofing around at the Stawberry Mountains

Babo with a Covered Wagon on the Oregon Trail

Babo is Hungry!  Getting some good Grub at the GrubSteak in John Day, Oregon

Babo checking out the John Day Fossil Beds


Babo visiting the beautiful John Day River

Babo checking out the Clarno Canyon Fossils

Babo at the John Day Fossil Beds

Babo has to use the restroom!  | Remember to wash your hands Babo.

Clarno Unit Rock Formations

Woolly Mammoth!

Babo is Excited to stay at the Madras Hotel!

And Ride on this Fancy Stagecoach

Historic Madras Hotel

Powered Paraglider

Babo made it to the Mount Hood National Forest!

Beautiful Mount Hood!

Babo was a little worried here at Timothy Lake because the Triumph wouldn't start.  Luckily Tad was able to fix an electrical issue.

Thought we might have to ask this guy for a ride!

Mount Hood at Timothy Lake

The Outlet at Timothy Lake

Uuuh Ohhh!  The Road is Washed Out!

Good Thing we have the Triumph!

Looking down the Washout

Let's take the Sporty Route!

Wahoo!  Back on the Road.

Tree Across the Roadway | Luckily Oregon Loggers had been here first.

Beautiful Clackamas River Gorge Below

Clackamas River Bridge

Beautiful Clackamas River

Yay!  Made it Home!!